Política de Calidad, Medio Ambiente y Prevención

STV was founded in 1993 to cover all needs of all kinds of urban services.

Street cleaning, municipal solid waste collection, selective collection of containers, glass, paper and cardboard, Ecoparks Management, DDD Treatments, Maintenance and conservation of green areas and building cleaning, are the main lines of business of the company.

To do this, STV has a dynamic structure that allows it to provide a quick and a professional service, with the very best advice to all who hire its services in both public and private sectors. Departments such as technical and project development, quality and environmental or occupational hazard prevention and safety, among others, are part of a great human team that makes possible all the work that STV does daily.

The quality policy of STV has led the company to a continuous improvement that has resulted in obtaining all certifications related to its activities:

ISO 9001: It affects all areas of the company, at both management level and the services provided.

UNE-ISO 14001: The involvement with the environment is a part of our main objectives. With this certification, we ensure our commitment in this area.

OHSAS 18001: Prevention is one of our other concerns. The establishment of the necessary security conditions, as well as training the workers, are other key aspects in our organization.

Human commitment

Since STV was founded two decades ago, it has grown year after year to be consolidated as a Company, not only solvent and innovative, but also leader in managing its principal value: the human capital. That is why STV has launched continuing training plans with the best professional practice.

Currently more than 300 professionals form the staff of STV that gives trust to more than 1,000,000 households each day.

Technical commitment

The management of innovation and development, in our company, it is not an isolated department; rather it is a part of the business structure, involving all processes and persons who form the team.

Environmental commitment

We are responsible towards the environment that surrounds us. Not doing it would be inconceivable, since society demands it and all of us are part of the solution. For us, environmental responsibility and commitment is not an empty positioning.

The corresponding certificates, pursuant to our environmental practices, risk prevention, working methodology, techniques and operability, endorse this responsible commitment.


STV's main mission is to maintain and keep private and public environments in good condition, mainly concerning street cleaning, waste collection, maintenance of green areas, cleaning of buildings and all those actions that contribute to create a more pleasing environment for thousands of citizens.


Maintain the standard of excellence in the services we provide. That is why STV, is committed to train and develop its human capital, which is a fundamental basis for continuous improvement, and it is reflected in the services that the company provides to hundreds of thousands of users daily.

STV's Values

  • Give immediate solutions to the demand of customers who hire its services, both private and public.
  • Continually improve the quality of its services and environmental performance, preventing pollution and achieving a high level of safety and health for its workers.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of its activities and processes.
  • Establish a framework to review goals and quality targets.
  • Fulfill all applicable legislation and regulations.
  • Training and disclosure for the environment, in both internal and external ambit of the company.
  • Reconciliation of family and professional life.
  • Continually improve the training of all staff for the performance of their daily functions.
  • A work methodology that it is documented and based on preventive action that affects the entire organizational structure.
  • Allocation of necessary resources for the development of all activities.